Friday 7 January 2011

Stay Full and Boost that Metabolism!!

Boosts Your Metabolism with 8 Easy Tricks:
1. Exercise in Intervals! Fast then Slow!
2. Caffeine is a heart rate booster!
3. Extra Ice Please! Colder drinks burn more calories!
4. Begin Your Day with a Big Breakfast!
5. Drink Green Tea
6. Keep Dairy in Your Diet! (good news for you cheese lovers!)
7. Build Muscle- 5 lbs of muscle gain burns 150 calories
8. Use Heavier Weights at a slower pace

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Simple Steps to Staying Full!
1. Eat fatty foods like avocados! Yum!
2. Chew Gum!
3. Snack on Almonds!
4. Keep Carbs in you Diet! Good Carbs! Like sweet potatoes!
5. Grub on Grapefruit!
6. Hit the Gym!
7. Aromatherapy! And it makes your house smell good!
8. A handful of blueberries!

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