Wednesday 16 July 2014

Gypsy Hues

We're all too familiar of the pitter-patter of the butterflies you get with a new crush, but get ready because you're about to feel those lovey dovey feelings all over again, but this time they're for your closet! I know I did when I bought items from this Aussie label. With a combination of feathers, leather and lace, a turquoise color palette, and floor-grazing white dresses for The Virgin Suicides, Spell Designs takes me to a sprawling sand-scape in a far away land.  This collection is so pretty it makes me want to ditch everything, get lost in a sea of white dunes and gypsy hues and run around in the fields with my friends! With florals reminiscent of some psychedelic Tuscan garden and a muted python print with hues of hibiscus, both softened by the snowy-white of vintage crochet lace... throw in some trucker tees, raglans and flannel shirts and flowing kimonos that catch the wind as you walk then style it all back with chunky boots, tribal bits and turquoise bobs! No matter what your plans entail, it's time to explore different shades of light and shadow as the sun tracks across the sky. Check out this gypsy collection and get inspired by my photos below! I guarantee you'll fall in love and start a summer romance!

Necklace: Child of Wild also found at Shop Vandevort & Shantique Designs 
Skirt: Forever21 
Fringe Bag: Urban Outfitters
Brown Leather Strap Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Desert Dunes & Gypsy Hues