Saturday 31 January 2015

A Tale of Simplicity

"Her heart is light, yet wild. Her eyes are filled with curiosity, but are soft as the morning dew. Her skin is lightly dusted with freckles from days spent under the sun. She throws on her most-worn shirt and sets off to wander the beach on this cool winter morning."

"The sand feels chilly beneath her bare feet. She prefers the beach during the winter - no one for miles - aimlessly wandering from seashell to seashell. The wind is cold against her face and tangles her long hair; looking up, she tries to find where the dull winter sea meets the grey winter sky, the colors are beautifully muted this time of year."

"The sand, sea and sky all seem to blend. She finds herself lost in her thoughts as she stares off at the horizon; she reminisces about times-past at this same beach, but slowly her mind starts to dream up ideas for the future; where she might travel, whom she may meet and what she may learn. A smile starts to grow across her rosy pink cheeks at the thought of a new adventure. Yes, the colors are beautifully muted this time of year..."

Written by FP Joanna

Special thanks to my always gracious photographer! Love you babe! 

Bikini Top: Free People, Bikini Bottom: Urban Outfitters, Kimono: Spell Designs, Hat: Forever21

Friday 30 January 2015

Napili Bay: You Take My Breath Away

Every so often I come across a place that takes my breath away. It could be anything - an empty field stretching as far as the horizon, a misty mountain top, or even a secluded beach I get to enjoy all to myself. There is something special about this place, it could be anything from the moment in time to the mindset you're in, combined all together to create a moment so perfect and serene, that its beauty is magnified to the point of breathtaking. Yesterday, this place happened to be my front yard! I truly couldn't breathe from laughing so hard, riding the waves as they crashed against the shore, then waiting for them to suck me back into the ocean just to do it all over, again and again!

I love days like these, when you make no plans and somehow end up making a trip to the beach, heating up under the sun, then cooling off with a refreshing leap into the water. There's something about hanging out seaside with friends for an entire day that makes me feel like I'm fully  experiencing what island life is all about! To me, that's sun, water, relaxation, good company, and time spent outdoors.

On this day in late January, it was a beautiful spring-like day, and the sun wound its way through the canopy of clouds to warm me as I hiked a short trail from my house to the bay, but I could feel the temperature drop as I made my way down to the lava-lined cove. Napili Bay is my front yard, and I often forget to enjoy the beauty of this jewel-toned natural pool. We sat on the tiny beach for hours, sippin' on Corona cans with sandy limes, listening to the sound of water, the voices of people who came and went, music echoing as it bounced off of our umbrella and distant whales (I mean I've never seen so many whales) breaching on the horizon! In moments like this I am completely at peace.

Dedicating an entire day lounging around outside is healthy for the mind. Take a break from the go-go-go of everyday life and just unwind. Spring break will be here before you know it! So, grab your swimsuit, an underwater camera, your favorite crew, and head to the nearest water for a day filled with nothing - and everything all at once.

What's the last place that took your breath away?

Sunday 25 January 2015

The Value of Possessions

Making a move over seas makes you question what's important enough to come with you. It also makes you realize how much stuff you've accumulated over the years. There are many things I hold to my name and there are things I hold close to my heart, some more important than others, but each still worth their own. 

As I sit in my room, I can't help but look around and count the tiny trinkets that mean so much to me. A love note made out of shells and a Vodka bottle Greg made for me when we first started dating, vintage photographs of Maui behind our bed, vases full of beach glass we've collected over the years, all my favorite necklaces draped from a chair... I love these things, and I'm thankful for them, just like the  roof over my head, the friendships I've built over the years and everything else that adds a little sweetness to my life. But for some reason, I've never been good at putting forth a little extra care towards the things that need it the most.

I'm a ring wearer, and I usually wear the same rings on my fingers for as long as I can. When you get in the habit of wearing them, they almost become a part of you. Greg has bought me one ring for every year we've been together, so when I drunkinly misplace them or they slip off and get lost in the blue abyss of the ocean, it makes me sad that I'll never be able to wear them again after I have for so long. And even though Greg swears he'll never buy me another ring, he always does. And to think, all could have been avoided if I would have just taken extra care of them beforehand. Although it's not the monetary value that's important, it's the meaning behind them that is. And as much as I tell Greg I'll take better care of the things he gives me, he always comes back with "What's gonna happen when I buy you an engagement ring?" something that has such high monetary value and even more meaning!

No matter what situation I find myself in, this question repeats in my mind. For the most part, this is a good thing, reminding me to be more attentive and helping me shape my laid-back, optimistic personality and care-free outlook on life.

I've been through multiple cracked screens, lost jewelry, and broken electronics and these things become costly, but these are things I can live without. If I had to get rid of everything I owned and was only allowed to keep the clothes on my back along with 3 of my most prized possessions what would they be?

1. My bunny - I can't imagine life without Ju!
2. My laptop - reading, writing, photography
3. My car - transportation and living, I've done it before

So now I'm asking y'all... how do you put that extra care into the things that matter most to you?
And what possessions can you absolutely not live without?

Saturday 24 January 2015

Island Hopping: Exploring Oahu

I am an explorer. 

My mission is to observe and document the world around me as if I've never seen it before. I take notes and collect things I find on my travels. I document my findings by recording the things I am drawn to. I am drawn to happiness, and these are the things that make me happy:

Another gratifying, adventurous and fun-filled weekend in Hawaii! Some friends of ours were visiting Oahu from the mainland, so we took a quick plane ride to our neighboring island. Since we had visited the "Gathering Place"
a year before, we quickly became tour guides for our Hawaiian newbies, showing them some of our favorite spots for incredible photo ops! 

After a quick breakfast, mimosas and bloody mary's, our adventures began with a drive along Oahu's Windward Coast for a breathtaking preview of the beauty yet to come! Turning the corner of the Koolau Mountain Range, feels like you're leaving one world and entering another. This is by far my favorite area of Oahu! A turquoise ocean shimmers in the distance leading you along the coast. Top down, cameras up, we were snapping away while singing and dancing our heads off to oldies classics! 

Wandering always takes you to unexpected places. 

We came upon a small cove none of us had ever seen before. We scrambled down the hillside of Cockroach Cove, providing us with all of our favorite things: a small swimming hole, white sand beaches, cliff faces for jumping, a blow hole and behind us, a giant lava tube leading through the mountains... and worth it, it certainly was! The comprehensibly clear water lapped up against the sands and shells embedded in the masses of lava rock as we left footprints in the sand. 

We spent hours mermaiding out in the sublime Oahu sunshine, clambering through caves and cleansing ourselves of any tensions built up by the previous week. The sun danced through the golden locks of my hair as we drifted off, becoming total tourists in our bright yellow convertible and gazing in awe at the fathomably fictitious headlands. Our mini march along this massive rock had us craving Margaritas and fish tacos... and we knew exactly where to go! 

The following day we decided to take our friends through a quick jungle hike to Manao Falls before they took us back to the airport, but our fun wasn't finished... of course we convinced them to come to Maui! 

The boys flew to Maui a couple of days later so we could show them our hood. And although our Sunday Funday was cut short due to car troubles, we broke down at an incredible beach where we day-drinked and waded in the water surrounded by the magic of Maui! Ocean vibes, interesting drinks and groovy beats, top that all off by jumping in the ocean... solid effort team! It's impossible to get bummed out here!

My cheeks were sore for 2 days from laughing so much! A weekend spent frolicking with friends by the ocean, makes you feel instantly purified of any physical, emotional, and spiritual blockage. Thank you friends!! :)

"Fullness in life comes through letting go to life, not controlling it."