Tuesday 23 May 2017

You Better BELIZE It!

I had 1 month left until my passport expired... that single booklet of assorted papers, synonymous with a sacred text, a relationship as personal as that of a best friend. 10 years of documentation of treks across the globe - Mexico, Amsterdam, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic... Belize!

Washing off winter courtesy of Belize is like stepping into a dream. We landed in Belize City, our first stop: Ambergris Caye. We took an hour long ferry ride to home of some of the tastiest fish tacos, warm waters, and the second largest barrier reef in the world! We set up camp in a beach front bungalow at Hotel del Rio, with a view of the unique collision of rich dark blues churning with serene, aqua hues of the Caribbean! While the weather forecast reported rain everyday of our trip, we got nothing but sunshine! We spent our days eating fresh fruit, juicy fish tacos and even tried conch for the first time! We explored colorful corals, blue lagoons, and swam with sharks, rays, manatees, and thousands of fish and coral! It was truly unBELIZEable! Our last day on the island, we rented a golf cart and drove the entire island to the stunning and well hidden paradise of Secret Beach!

After 3 days of exploring the bustling town of San Pedro, we caught a ferry to the island of Caye Caulker. Less than a mile wide and 5 miles long, this little piece of paradise is covered with brilliant colored beach bungalows, electric ocean views, white sand beaches, stunning sunsets and charismatic locals. We instantly fell in love! With a much chiller vibe than Ambergris and a motto anyone on vacation could get used to, we were glad to spend the majority of our time here! There are no cars on the island, very few golf carts and majority of people get around on bikes. We walked the entire island, and were continually told to "Go Slow", the locals make you go even slower, because "it's against the law, you'll get a speeding ticket!" 

If you think 4 days on a teeny island is more than enough, you're wrong! We took a minute ferry ride to the breathtaking adult playground of KoKo King Beach, took a boat to the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve, swam shark and ray alley, snorkeled Coral Gardens and even got to visit a sea horse farm!

As I look back on the most spectacular moments of our time in Belize, there's one element that rings common across the board - go slow. There's no need to rush, especially when you're on vacation. We had left so much behind back home in our personal lives, but it truly was a time for both of us to just take the time to appreciate life and each other and take each moment day by day. When we stepped foot in that Belizean airport surrounded by American tourists, and customs pressed that stamp onto our passports, we both moved forward in a way that allowed us to never forget that, no matter how fast or slow we go, the outcome is the same. Move slow, appreciate the moment, and set yourself free!

“Follow the dreams that align with your deepest passions, or help develop our best selves…”