Wednesday 29 May 2013

Looking Your Fest Best!

Festival Season is upon us! And I’m getting super psyched for the summer madness. Every year I try to attend a festival I’ve never been to, so I can get a little taste of them all! Festivals have basically earned their title as a “mini season,” because for me, they’re just as much about the “steez” as they are about the sounds!

In 1969, a monumental music festival changed our world. More than half a million people came together - united in a message of peace, openness and cultural expression – and demonstrated how a generation could be heard. Woodstock was committed to living by its principles: universal human rights, unfettered creative expression, the power of the individual to make a difference.

Generation X and Y may think Woodstock was just about the sex, drugs and rock and roll, but to our parents' generation, it was far more. For them, Woodstock was a chance to run wild and free, let their hair grow long, and define themselves as a generation that lived by their own beliefs and values. Today, Woodstock lives on through our generation of music and art festivals like Coachella.

I got to experience this music phenomenon for the first time this year and it was beyond anything I could ever dream of! I had to beam back to earth after a stellar weekend at Coachella and, let me tell you, it was a total whirlwind. Surprisingly I wasn’t too beat after a full 3 days of dancing and singing to our favorite bands followed by desert parties in our hotel room! Although I didn’t do much singing since I lost my voice the day before I even got there, I still mouthed my favorite lyrics of bands I've been listening to for years!

People who go to Coachella don't realize how different they are from everyone else, because they become so like-minded with each other inside the festival grounds. They come for the music, but find something much larger than the sights and sounds in those three days. Festivals like Coachella create this sort of can-do spirit among our generation. Just like Woodstock, Coachella becomes a place where all worries are wasted, even with war raging overseas. Nobody is really aware of how big this sort of counter culture is and how deeply their ideals are penetrated until after they leave. It seriously has this affect on you, that presents this alternative view of reality. It’s almost like a symbolic event of how we really want to do things. It shows us a possible life of peace and happiness. There’s obviously a reason this event sells out within the first hour it goes on sale, which is a month after the event happens and a year before the lineup comes out. Super stoked I’ve got my tickets for next year!! #coachella2014 Let the countdown begin!

We’ve got a handful of festivals down and many more on the horizon! With that said, I've dedicate this blog to all my festival friends to give you a little inspiration for how to look your fest best!

Coachella is more than a moment in time, it’s about a way of being in the world. 

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