Wednesday 12 December 2012

Tide Pool Treasures

At a place where land meets sea, during low tide one can find many tide pool treasures at the Cabrillo National Monument tide pools. I have now lived in San Diego for more than 6 years and just discovered this gem existed in my backyard. Just a couple of miles from PB, past Point Loma, drive along the San Diego coast with a gorgeous view of the ocean, through a military cemetery and hike down to this amazing sanctuary of wonders. While I was there with my boyfriend, we found thousands of sea anemones, snails, and shells, 2 star fish, 1 octopus, 1 crab and while we were leaving we even got to enjoy a seal popping its head up to wish us a sweet goodbye! You can look and touch, but make sure you don't take anything home with you!

"It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and then back to the tide pool again."
- John Steinbeck

Once you've seen all you can see at the tide pools, you can then drive to the top of the mountain where the monument sits overlooking the San Diego Bay. Steam ships, sailboats, and the Coronado coast stand in your line of vision for a spectacular view of the city and mountains in the near distance. You can then hike a 2 mile bayside trail from the top of the mountain down to the water and back up. There's tons of historical markers and a view of the lighthouse. Just make sure to watch out for rattlesnakes! 

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