Saturday 2 February 2013

In the Eyes of Love You Can Find Infinity

Only two weeks in and the entire west coast of Maui has been explored! We don't have a car out here so we get around by the Maui bus transit and our feet! We have seen every beach, cove and bay from Honolua Bay down to Red Hill! If you have no idea how far that is or what the hell I'm talking about... Maui is 48 miles long and we have walked 43 of them (see below point A to point B!) There are days we wake up early ready to go, go, go followed by lazy days on the beach, playing paddle ball trying to beat our new record of 210! Or coming up with fun ways to hit the ball like under our legs or spinning in circles and cracking up laughing until we can't breathe! But everyday brings peace and pleasure, and revelation that there's more to explore and so much we've already seen!

There are times when my limits are pushed and I break down my boundaries. I gather up the courage and overcome a fear with Greg at my side, pushing me every inch of the way. There are times when I have to realize I'm not always right, or I have to take that less traveled path, literally. I somehow find a way to push all anxieties, worries, and negative thoughts out of my head, whether it takes yelling at Greg first or not. But 5 minutes later I'm at the top of this damn mountain that I've just climbed barefoot in the rain, taking pictures of the view below, kissing Greg and apologizing. It's a very uplifting feeling, and then I go on with my day.

Then there are days, that I smile so much my cheeks hurt! Like the hike to Honolua Bay, which is about 2-3 miles past the last bus stop in Napili. Greg and I will always recommend walking over driving, because you see so much more than a car could ever offer. There are lookouts, beaches, bays, and trails all along the way. Because we are so high up, it takes us even longer to get there because of the whales we see breaching and splashing around in the waters below. You can't take your eyes off of it, but you don't want to trip and fall either.

After turning a corner along the road, we came upon cliffs that overlook the bay, and the view is nothing short of spectacular. This lookout acts as our notes, as we study the waters we're about to embark on. Although Honolua Bay was our destination, to our surprise there's a short hike through a densely packed bright green forest, enchanted and magical and quite an adventure of its own! Trails groom the floor filled with vine covered trees. It's amazing that such an ecosystem exists forming these beautiful natural walks. They look so inviting, Greg couldn't help but swing from one of them!

Honolua Bay is such a spectacular place to snorkel, because it's sheltered from the surrounding cliffs, which makes for the perfect calm waters to see turtles, fish and coral reefs like you've never seen before! There's no beach, just tons of huge boulders, but we're not here to sun bathe! As we step vigilantly across these huge stepping stones, we find the perfect spot to place our stuff and jump in! The visibility is excellent! I can't help but scream with excitement at all the colorful coral topography and crazy looking creatures I see below! For me it's 30% of what I see and 70% of the experience!

We continue swimming out to the middle of the ocean and encounter a new world! The coral formations and fun fish below make for the most fascinating show. We've been snorkeling many times out here in Maui, but this was by far our favorite underwater experience. It had the most diverse and beautiful marine habitats I've seen. This marine sanctuary branches off forming arches and tunnels for tons of vibrant and dazzling creatures to explore, including ourselves! ;)

After an afternoon in the water, we decide we should start making the trek back to the bus. We weren't dreading it, we never really do, we just enjoy our surroundings. But today, as we're walking down the road, a couple slows and asks where we're headed and if we'd like a ride. I don't know if it was coincidence or an alignment of circumstances, but they were headed to Lahaina, just a block from our house! So we jumped in and enjoyed the ride!

As I look back at greg, I realize we're in the back of this truck, with two locals, one originally from Minnesota the other from Pennsylvania, me from Texas and Greg from Michigan. We're all strangers from different parts of the world, but just for a second, we're all on the same path. All on this journey we call life. Wind in our hair with no care in the world. The sun is slowly crawling behind the clouds behind the distant horizon, glistening across the liquid land. The sky is a mystery, just like what this day has brought us. Everything is all mixed together to make a perfect landscape. And just beyond that sunset, holds our destiny. I gaze at it, as it brings me tranquility. Here I am sitting in the bed of this truck; I was really there, Greg was there, this couple, everything, it was all really there. And as the day dissolves, it was that moment that was enough to make me feel infinite. "And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."

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