Wednesday 13 February 2013

Lazy Daze Bring Treasures Ablaze!

After a handful of technical difficulties and electronic hiccups... I am FINALLY back and blogging! So much has happened since I was last here I don't even know where to begin...

I guess I can start with the list of bad luck I had last week... my computer charger went out for a couple of days, then it magically started working again right before my under water camera decided not to turn on or charge. My other camera will only turn on when you remove and replace the batterie which is annoying beyond belief. My fabulous iPhone service, through Verizon, alerted me that I had 10% data use left with a week and a half of the billing cycle to go, so my phone has been turned off until further adieu. And the strap on my jumper popped while walking to town the other day. All electronics are back up and running, except for my cell phone which I "patiently" wait to use again, and as for the jumper, it will be seeing my sewing machine soon!

Greg and I are working a good 3-4 days a week, usually night shifts, so we enjoy lazy beach days or bargain buying at Salvation Army in the morning before work. Some of our thrift shop finds include a $1 vase to fill with our beach treasures, .50 cent books I enjoy reading on the beach while Greg snorkels, and $8 tennis rackets! These past couple of "lazy" days have turned into meticulous hours of beach glass collecting, which has become our biggest hobby out here! Just this morning we found $21 in cash and hundreds of brilliant colored glass bits washed up from the sea! It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it! I will let you know what I plan on doing with these gems in a later blog post!

Our days off are full of adventures! Hiking, snorkeling, swimming with sea turtles, kayaking, whale watching, or free 5 hour boat tours to Molokini to promote a new local business along with breakfast and lunch! More on that at a later date! ;) We even get to enjoy a glass of wine and fish tacos while watching the sun set over the ocean!

Monday we went hiking with some local friends up the Waihee Ridge. It's a steep 2.5 mile climb up the mountains with beautiful views of the valleys and coastline. Elevation is just over 1,500 feet. Maui mountain hikes are usually filled with cloud cover, but on clear days you can see all the way to the island of Moloka'i from the top. We wandered through the fog, mud and a short rain, which was still a pretty cool experience, considering all the awesome wild orchids and other vegetation we saw!  The hike is pretty remote, we probably only ran into about 6 other people. It's also very slippery, I fell stepping over a log on the way back down.

Sneak Peak of my next post... Snorkeling is an everyday adventure packed with turtles and angelic fish we can't get enough of! And our trip to Molokini!

Stay Tuned! Mahalo for reading!

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