Friday 1 March 2013

Lake Loop Hiking Trail

There's a place called Kapalua, a popular paradise located on Maui's northwest shore. Locals and visitors alike soak up the sun and embrace nature's splendor through golfing, hiking, and sun bathing on the beach. Just beyond the beautiful Plantation Golf Course, you will find numerous trails weaving throughout a diverse tapestry of land. These trails are paved throughout an abandoned golf course and range anywhere from easy to difficult. Being the brave hikers that we are, we chose the longest and most difficult hike, Lake Loop.

As soon as we step foot inside the area we are greeted with tons of butterflies, who continue to follow us throughout the trail. These beautiful orange and white creatures flit around tall weeds that they sometimes land on turning them into a mirage of flowers. It's hard to believe this eye-catching overgrowth used to be a well manicured green for golfing. Remnants of the past (a staircase entwined in shrubs, faded signs, and an old stone ball-washing station) emerge from fruit and flower bushes, which make for a lovely landscape for a 4 mile hike.

Once we make it to the top, we are awarded with the serene scene of a hidden lake, which is home to koi fish and ducks that quack around. As we make our way around the lake we find ourselves in the shelter of some of the tallest pine trees I've ever seen.


Continuing on, we get to enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the island of Moloka'i, which floats behind the clouds. The end of the trail makes its way up and down and looping back up again away from the coast tricking you into a confused state of being lost, but makes a final turn toward  our destination. Perfect timing for pupus and removing your shoes!

 Another leisurely hike in the area is the coastal trail, which we've done tons of times! I actually wrote about it in a previous post... And it's one of our favs! It also leads us back to our bus stop and it's not a bad view if I must say so myself! It's also the perfect place to watch the sunset after a long day of hiking!

Next hike: Mahana Ridge! 12 miles round trip!

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