Monday 6 May 2013

Bringin' it Back

I've always dreamed of a time machine to take me back in time. If there's two decades I'd love to live, the 70s and 80s take it, hands down. There's something about the colorful street style, big hair, rock n roll lifestyle, and trendy music that gets me every time. I grew up in the 80s, but I didn't live them. We all know fashion relives itself over and over, but there's two things that never go out of style: acid-washed denim and classic converse. I've worn Chuck Taylors for as long as I can remember. New colors and styles always find their way to my closet, but the classic blacks are an annual buy from the wear and tear of constantly being on my feet. I felt like bringing back the 70s with my John Lennon circle sunnies, and remember the 80s with my tennies and acid-washed denim, but added a modern twist by making it a peplum skirt and dressing up the outfit with a crop top and spiked necklace. If you like the look, Hype it by clicking below! 

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