Saturday 24 January 2015

Island Hopping: Exploring Oahu

I am an explorer. 

My mission is to observe and document the world around me as if I've never seen it before. I take notes and collect things I find on my travels. I document my findings by recording the things I am drawn to. I am drawn to happiness, and these are the things that make me happy:

Another gratifying, adventurous and fun-filled weekend in Hawaii! Some friends of ours were visiting Oahu from the mainland, so we took a quick plane ride to our neighboring island. Since we had visited the "Gathering Place"
a year before, we quickly became tour guides for our Hawaiian newbies, showing them some of our favorite spots for incredible photo ops! 

After a quick breakfast, mimosas and bloody mary's, our adventures began with a drive along Oahu's Windward Coast for a breathtaking preview of the beauty yet to come! Turning the corner of the Koolau Mountain Range, feels like you're leaving one world and entering another. This is by far my favorite area of Oahu! A turquoise ocean shimmers in the distance leading you along the coast. Top down, cameras up, we were snapping away while singing and dancing our heads off to oldies classics! 

Wandering always takes you to unexpected places. 

We came upon a small cove none of us had ever seen before. We scrambled down the hillside of Cockroach Cove, providing us with all of our favorite things: a small swimming hole, white sand beaches, cliff faces for jumping, a blow hole and behind us, a giant lava tube leading through the mountains... and worth it, it certainly was! The comprehensibly clear water lapped up against the sands and shells embedded in the masses of lava rock as we left footprints in the sand. 

We spent hours mermaiding out in the sublime Oahu sunshine, clambering through caves and cleansing ourselves of any tensions built up by the previous week. The sun danced through the golden locks of my hair as we drifted off, becoming total tourists in our bright yellow convertible and gazing in awe at the fathomably fictitious headlands. Our mini march along this massive rock had us craving Margaritas and fish tacos... and we knew exactly where to go! 

The following day we decided to take our friends through a quick jungle hike to Manao Falls before they took us back to the airport, but our fun wasn't finished... of course we convinced them to come to Maui! 

The boys flew to Maui a couple of days later so we could show them our hood. And although our Sunday Funday was cut short due to car troubles, we broke down at an incredible beach where we day-drinked and waded in the water surrounded by the magic of Maui! Ocean vibes, interesting drinks and groovy beats, top that all off by jumping in the ocean... solid effort team! It's impossible to get bummed out here!

My cheeks were sore for 2 days from laughing so much! A weekend spent frolicking with friends by the ocean, makes you feel instantly purified of any physical, emotional, and spiritual blockage. Thank you friends!! :)

"Fullness in life comes through letting go to life, not controlling it." 

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