Friday 30 January 2015

Napili Bay: You Take My Breath Away

Every so often I come across a place that takes my breath away. It could be anything - an empty field stretching as far as the horizon, a misty mountain top, or even a secluded beach I get to enjoy all to myself. There is something special about this place, it could be anything from the moment in time to the mindset you're in, combined all together to create a moment so perfect and serene, that its beauty is magnified to the point of breathtaking. Yesterday, this place happened to be my front yard! I truly couldn't breathe from laughing so hard, riding the waves as they crashed against the shore, then waiting for them to suck me back into the ocean just to do it all over, again and again!

I love days like these, when you make no plans and somehow end up making a trip to the beach, heating up under the sun, then cooling off with a refreshing leap into the water. There's something about hanging out seaside with friends for an entire day that makes me feel like I'm fully  experiencing what island life is all about! To me, that's sun, water, relaxation, good company, and time spent outdoors.

On this day in late January, it was a beautiful spring-like day, and the sun wound its way through the canopy of clouds to warm me as I hiked a short trail from my house to the bay, but I could feel the temperature drop as I made my way down to the lava-lined cove. Napili Bay is my front yard, and I often forget to enjoy the beauty of this jewel-toned natural pool. We sat on the tiny beach for hours, sippin' on Corona cans with sandy limes, listening to the sound of water, the voices of people who came and went, music echoing as it bounced off of our umbrella and distant whales (I mean I've never seen so many whales) breaching on the horizon! In moments like this I am completely at peace.

Dedicating an entire day lounging around outside is healthy for the mind. Take a break from the go-go-go of everyday life and just unwind. Spring break will be here before you know it! So, grab your swimsuit, an underwater camera, your favorite crew, and head to the nearest water for a day filled with nothing - and everything all at once.

What's the last place that took your breath away?

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