Friday 27 March 2015

My Go-To Festival Guide

Now that SXSW has come and passed and ULTRA is in full effect, festival season is finally here! If you were lucky enough to flock to a festival last year, you know how massive events like this can be for music maniacs and fashion fanatics around the world!

I love how festivals have the ability to bring people together, which causes a great mix of styles! As personal style flows through the streets of gorgeous cities and festival grounds, it provides endless inspiration.  

Because every festival is so unique, every year I try to attend one I've never been to. As you plan which festivals to attend this year, you're probably also planning what to pack and wear. Keep in mind you should try to stand out from the crowd, it'll make it a lot easier for your friends to find you! ;) If there's anytime to channel your inner wild child, festival season is where it's at, so let your individualism and authenticity shine! There's only 5 things you need for each festival and you can see my festival finds below!

1. Headwear- a great hat, headpiece or flower crown

2. Sunglasses- For sand stormy eyes that won't break the bank because we all know they'll only last the weekend!

3. Fanny Pack- Fringe and Function!

4. Accessories- Daring jewels and long lasting party favors!

5. Outfit- Something cool and comfy you can rock out in! I recommend Tees, Tanks, Crop Tops, Jumpers, and Denim Cutoffs

Deep Double V-Neck Cami- Urban Outfitters 
Strappy Back Micro Bra- Silence and Noise 
Tribal Crystal Pendant Necklace- Wanderlust Fashion

Seamless Crop Top- Free People
Floral Kimono- Spell Designs
Denim Cutoffs- Forever21 
Kuchi Coin Fringe Necklace- Wanderlust Fashion

As you road trip out to the dessert, mountains, or forest, rock those denim cutoffs, mini skirts, and soft dresses for some go-to comfort and coolness, but accessorize with some super rad jewelry and accessories, and maybe even some mandatory flowers in your hair and always make sure to dance barefoot to your favorite band!

You never know what you might find when you hit the festival grounds. Most are long, humid and crowded, but there's a carefree way to go about them. It's the one day to feel beautiful and clean at dawn and a complete mess by dusk. A few bruises and smeared eye makeup are signs of a good time, so embrace it! Wearing something light and loose-fitted makes me feel my best at a fest. A bit of elegance with a touch of Woodstock is where I go this time of year.

This is the time to get out and roam the world with friends! Visit a new city, dive into a hotel pool, find a great festival, and have a picnic on the beach at sunset! 

Find joy in the little things and always stay young at heart!


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