Friday 19 May 2017

Life in Bloom

Cherry blossoms begin to bloom this time of year, last a few days and then fall with the rain. Fleeting, beautiful, fragrant and only here for a brief moment. That's exactly what makes them so special! 

The soft blooms and delicate scents dance around as they line the streets and peninsulas of Traverse City. 

These beautiful blooms remind me to be in the moment. Pause, slow down, and admire nature for what it does. 

We just got back from Belize the day before, and were so anxious to drive up Old Mission to catch them, we didn't even take time to unpack our bags. Their flowers appear so quickly, if you blink again, they're gone! 

Spending the afternoon under the cherry trees remind us just how much nature can refresh the human spirit! Reflect, take note of your life, be grateful, invite change and acknowledge the uncertainty in the universe, it's beautiful! Being that girl with her face buried in the blossoms is just what I needed! Cherish the moment, however fleeting and fragile it may be! Now bring on the cherries!!!

"Water your roots so your soul can blossom"

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