Monday 25 October 2010

Trend Tracker:

A Shady Situation: But The Future's Looking Bright

The whole retro influence is still hanging in there. Sunglasses with classic frame styles, bright colors and multi flash lenses continue to be popular. From what I can see, people are willing to wear flashier attention grabbing styles and are using sunglasses more as a style accessory than protective eyewear.

As for styles, we see a move towards more moderate frame sizing, still inspired by retro periods, but with a more modest finishing approach. Fit and functionality will continue to become more of a theme as consumers seek to purchase fewer pairs and demand a longer lifespan – both in style and durability.

On the style side look for more solid, sellable silhouettes with modern details, accents and twists. Retro styling and aviator styling never seem to die out. Oversized frames are still good sellers, but the mid sized trend is growing.

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