Thursday 1 August 2013

A Healthy Dose of Intrigue with a Splash of the Familiar

I'm only halfway through my work week, and this lovely SoCal weather is calling me to be anywhere but inside my office walls... If you haven't picked up on my vibe, I'm nearing the home stretch! I always try to plan my days off so that they're packed with endless possibilities. And believe me, I am ALWAYS ready to be the first one to ditch the week's workload and spend some quality time with summer appropriate festivities: hiking, sailing, floating down rivers, and playing disc golf, even if I madly embarrass myself!

As much as I love long vacations or trips that allow me to travel the world, I've realized that staycations are good for the soul. Sometimes you just need an easy getaway to refuel, refocus, and enjoy the little things in life. Days I spend close to home help me discover new neighborhoods and things I've never done before. I'm always up for trying something new especially when it turns into an adventure full of excitement! I've truly begun to understand the beauty of a city I've lived in for over 7 years now and why I moved here in the first place. Step outside the tourist traps and you will see the true splendor of San Diego. 

We've all wandered the streets of downtown and soaked up the sun on the beaches of this town, now it's time to try something new! There's nothing like a healthy dose of intrigue to help amp up these final days of summer. 


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