Tuesday 6 August 2013

A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

As we soak up the summer sun, collect beach glass and wade through the shallow waters, a nosy seagull attacks our bottle of wine. After chasing him away, we walk aimlessly along the cliffs scaling the ocean, not paying any attention to where we are going. Out of no where a white rabbit runs quickly past us, pulling a watch out of his waistcoat. We impulsively follow it and tumble down a deep whole that resembles a well. We speak to each other out loud, excited, lost, and wondering how we've ended up here. It's as if we've fallen through the other side of the earth. We follow the colorful path through the brightly painted forest, day dreaming. In the midst of our conversation, the imaginative corridor ends and we emerge out of the shadows and into the sun suddenly over looking what feels like the edge of the world. Our minds have somehow created a metaphoric journey creating a conceptual path which has led us to the true nature of reality. Every step further is an expression, the entrance to a portal to a significantly strange happening, yet an extremely surreal situation.

We continue walking, nodding at each other in our dream-like state. This experience is a phenomena that departs us from the conventional rules of the real world. Our plunge into the Rabbit Hole is fully forming a world that constantly shifts and transforms with its own unique logic. We acclimate ourselves to the illusions, but we never officially let go of the established logic of the real waking world. And I marvel at the fall, for it has fulfilled my frustrated desires. It thwarts my expectations at every turn, inspires me to keep my eyes open and reminds myself to stay one step ahead of myself.

We are led by curiosity, following the elusive rabbit in hopes to obtain some new knowledge or satisfaction. And though we never end up catching him, the outcome is unknown, but the act of chasing implies there is a desired goal that exists. We are surrounded by puzzles that seem to have no clear solutions, but maybe that's how it's supposed to be. Maybe we're not supposed to figure out Wonderland. Maybe you're not expected to find logic or meaning in situations that you encounter. Danger lurks behind every ridiculous event you find yourself in, and life frustrates expectations and resists interpretations, even if circumstances feel familiar. Maybe, some experiences are just meaningful observations. This is no Mad Tea Party, for "we are all mad here."

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