Friday 1 November 2013

The Black Swan

I've somehow created a Halloween tradition for myself, to pick a costume I can paint my face to. Last year, I was a skeleton bride and the year before that I was the infamous Dia De Los Muertos Mexican girl. Every year, the holiday comes so quickly I completely forget to buy a costume and find myself scrambling to put something together from my closet. This year, the Black Swan idea magically appeared in my mind and this look was the outcome! The tiara was anxiously waiting to be worn again since my 21st birthday. I stumbled upon the purple tutu a friend left at my house after a rave one summer, and the American Apparel black cutout leotard is always a go to item for costume attire! If you like the look, Hype it by clicking below!


Shana said...

I love it!! Favorite costume this year by far!!♥♥ One of the first times I met you your face waspainted before deadmau5 so I didn't have the full idea of what you looked like before I saw you again, lol.

Unknown said...

Haha I remember that! Thanks love! ;)