Monday 4 August 2014

Island Treasures

After living in Hawaii, the ocean has become a therapeutic escape for Greg and me. We have grown to know the ocean as a symbol of love and freedom. The ocean has cultivated a love in us for life's simple pleasures: snorkeling, swimming, and shelling; yet the vastness of the ocean has nurtured a keenness of exploration. 

Basic White Crop Top: Tobi, Simba Skirt: Arnhem Clothing
Necklace: Island Treasures, Sandals: UrbanOutfitters Sunnies: Blenders Eyewear

Upon returning to San Diego from Maui, we intertwined the colorful sentiment of our travels with our love for the ocean by creating a jewelry line, Island Treasures, that speaks of passion and pleasure! Just like the luminous shells and sea stones that wash ashore Maui's shoreline, each item tells a story of a spontaneous journey to and from the Pacific Ocean. Each piece of jewelry is intricately handcrafted with a little Aloha from the island of Maui. 

According to By the Sea Jewelry, sea glass starts its journey as broken glass discarded into the sea. Also known as beach glass, mermaid tears, ocean glass, or sea stones, these broken bits of glass are tumbled by waves and currents in the sea and sand and time to time form these colorful collectible and vanishing gems. The soft tactile qualities of sea glass and its origins make it an appealing jewelry choice, especially for those who love the beach!

Jumper: Forever21, Jewelry: Island Treasures 

The majority of seashells that are offered for sale commercially have been collected alive, in bulk, and then killed and cleaned, specifically for commercial trade. This can have a strong negative impact on local ecosystems and can sometimes reduce the distribution of rare species. Most of the tumbled beach glass you see used in jewelry is tumbled using a machine, NOT naturally smoothed by the ocean.

Our designs aim to be simplistic with a boho beach vibe! They are created in admiration for the ocean, so we only use materials picked straight from the shore! Every piece of glass we find is unique and might have once been part of a glass jar or bottle that was broken or dumped in the sea. We only collect shells that are free of life and beach glass that has been gifted to us by the ocean!

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