Friday 5 September 2014

Nouveau Boho


Tons of people want to live the life of a desert wanderer music fiend, well I know I do, but few actually embody this awesome mishmash. Nouveau boho (new bohemian) is by far this season's biggest trend! Eclectic prints, bell sleeved knits, and crochet tops with simpler silhouettes make it all the better to style your #OOTD appropriate for the office, cocktail hour, or date nights! It's all about wearability for everyday life and a more polished approach to the boho style.

 Now that Burning Man is over, festival season has sadly officially come to an end, but I have some advice for next year... We all know festival trends totally embrace the free-spirited wild cat, but let's try doing it all in a more refined manner; even better, you can incorporate each of these pieces into your closet seamlessly long after the season ends. Let's be honest, how many more times do you see yourself wearing that crochet crop top after the music ends?? If you've ever gone to see a band and felt bummed out gazing as the sea of flower crowns, crop tops and fringe across the festival grounds, you're not alone. Nothing against denim-cutoffs or lace blouses, but seriously this so-called "festival fashion" has finally reached its saturation point. However, rather than destroying the notion of cool concert trends altogether, ditch the obvious options and instead give festival staples a rad new twist!

Drifter Dress: Arnhem Clothing, Necklaces: Wanderlust Fashion


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Jacklyn said...

beautiful dress!

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