Friday 12 December 2014

Lapis in Paradise

From chunky statement pieces to delicately etched handbags, Ladies of Paradise offers vibrant handcrafted items that speak to the free spirit in all of us. The beaded lapis crystal pendant necklace that I'm wearing in the photos below, is just one of many beautiful items you can find on the website. Not only is this necklace full of energy, but it's perfect for layering or adding to an ensemble that takes your look to a whole new level of bohemian goodness. 

My blog is an invitation to see the world through my eyes, to share my personal style and document the inspiration I encounter along the way. This is an avenue to celebrate a liberated lifestyle of self expression, good vibes and creative energy. It is through passionate people like my friend Jade, founder of Ladies of Paradise, that charges the cultural community to its fullest! Never underestimate the power of your dreams! Once you discover your inner strength, then you can truly start to see your dreams become reality, which is exactly what my beautiful friend has done by creating her website. Now get to giving! With the holidays approaching fast it can be overwhelming trying to find the ultimate stocking stuffers for all your besties, and I guarantee a gift from LOP will not disappoint! Shop now!

Crossed Crop Top: Urban Outfitters, Snap Front Skater Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Beaded Lapis Crystal Pendant Necklace: Ladies of Paradise

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