Tuesday 23 December 2014

Life is Beautiful

My feet trod through sand as I walk through a forest full of tropical flowers and palms, only hearing the sound of the ocean behind me. The plumerias are blooming and as red as cherries. I can't help but think, our souls are with Hawaii now, and it's nostalgic. Maui is where Greg and I fell in love. We had only been dating for a couple of months when we made our first spontaneous trip to the islands. We had no idea what to expect, we didn't even know if we had chosen the right island, but looking back at it now this island chose us. 

Maui, where do I even begin with this magical little island we call home. The moment we stepped off that plane, our lives changed. It felt different, it smelt different and even though we were far from home, for once it felt like this was exactly where we were supposed to be. Since we first met, Greg and I have gone so many places together and adventuring has always been a bond of ours. From San Fran to Catalina and back and forth across the Pacific, our gypsy souls are always looking for more. Our lives have gone from being beach bums in San Diego to climbing deserted cliffs, deep diving with snorkels to admire coral reefs up close, and jumping in waters filled with wild dolphins! We have roamed tropical forests many times and our wandering spirits never get sick of it! Before I came to Maui, I always thought a beach is just a beach, but it's different here, maybe it's the sun setting behind the islands in the distance, maybe it's the caramel colored sand and crystal clear waters, but after living here I've realized people fly from across the world to experience the wonders of the Hawaiian islands and we're lucky enough to call them home.


 I find myself under the cool Pacific water, running my palms across the ocean floor looking for shells and sea stones. I admire roaming around the beach or in town walking barefoot and wearing my cutoff denim shorts and sunnies in mid December. Other days are spent on a boat, laying on a raft in the middle of the ocean. I place my hand on the tops of waves and think about all my travels and the blessed life I live. A spinner dolphin appears and swims right beneath us then disappears again. Back at shore I look out at the horizon and a giant whale is waving its fin to say hello. These are the days! The days I will always remember when we were young with sun kissed skin, salty hair, and new freckles!

Life is beautiful and it's moments like these that help me remember.

"I went to Maui to stay a week and ended up staying forever."

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