Friday 13 February 2015

Same Friends, Different Places

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." 
This phrase comes to mind when thinking of the crew. 

My friends mean everything to me. There is a small close group of us we call "family," because no matter how long we go without speaking or seeing each other, everything falls right back into place when we reunite. Each of us lives in a different place, and although sometimes it feels like we're worlds apart, once we come together, we balance each other out and feed off each other and that's what makes our crew so special!

I've realized that as I grow older, and life starts to become more real, the friendships I share with certain people exist on a level quite the same. We are like-minded, creative, and passionately driven towards goals that all happen to be in the same realm. It's hard to find people like this, but eventually parallel souls are bound to come together. And a bond like this is unbreakable! 

Taking the crew out and about around the 808 was really special. Finding new things to experience with each other is what keeps a friendship exciting and fun! Long nights, hundreds of laughs, and a beautiful atmosphere made for a week where all of us could thoroughly enjoy each others company. 

You know those nights when everything comes together so perfectly... you find yourself with all the right people, in just the right place. Our first night together in Maui was exactly that. Our awesome neighbor invited us over for food and drinks and we were immediately hooked on music, happiness and feel-good energy. The scene was set for a magical evening with great people. You could almost feel the love and friendship in the air, it was pretty damn hard not to smile. 

As days passed, our adventures continued to get better! Cliff jumping, swimming, hiking and sharing all the island things that we do! Sometimes it takes a step outside your usual surroundings to really appreciate the ones you keep close to you! Cheers to that! 

 Thank you friends for a memorable couple of days! 

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