Friday 20 February 2015

Snapshots of a True Love Story

Even from far away, 
you could see it.
They were drunk.
But not from any type of beverage,
They were drunk off of each other. 
The way they laughed,
The way they kept sneaking glances
even though both knew the other one was looking too. 
The way they curled into each other 
with a nervousness hidden behind a subtle excitement.
Even from far away, 
you could see it.
They found each other utterly intoxicating.
They were utterly intoxicated by each other.

This is where is all began...

From Sunset Cliffs San Diego, 

To the sands of PB.

From Torrey Pines National Park...

To the shores of OB. 

From the stomping grounds of Downtown,

To the late nights on Garnet Avenue.

From the Hills of Catalina Island...

... To the streets of San Francisco 

From the snow covered mountains of Big Bear,

And the desert days and nights in Vegas,

From Chicago and Michigan,

And all along the West Coast,

To Coachella, Electric Forest and every other music festival in between.

From the island of Oahu...

To our home of Maui today,

Our love continues to grow and spread around the world!

And in the end, we were just humans drunk on the idea of love!

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