Saturday 28 February 2015

Take What The Universe Throws

You never know where the weekend may take you. When Friday, or in my case Wednesday, rolls around, I find myself standing at the precipice of possibility, three days that are entirely to myself lie ahead... to do whatever I please! In my mind I like to have a rough idea of plans for my days off, but in reality those plans pass into oblivion when I find myself surrendering to my bed and becoming lazy. Although I eventually get up and somehow manage to adventure in the later hours of the day, I get frustrated when I don't end up following through with my original intentions. I keep telling myself to just allow the universe to take control, but it's hard to stay in bed all day when you live in Maui! No matter what time I roll out of bed and soar into the sunshine, the one thing I do have power over is what I choose to wear!

When I awake to my weekend, I almost always reach for comfort and function. I find myself beach bummin' it in comfy clothes I can move in and that can potentially take on adventure but still make me feel cute: a favorite pair of shorts, the softest tee, and ready-for-anything shoes! Since I've moved to Maui, my wardrobe has completely changed and my style has become somewhat simplistic. I've opted for sneakers and sandals instead of boots and heels, and I can't tell you the last time I wore a dress or even straightened my hair. My flat iron broke months ago and I barely ever brush my hair. With that said, I have to admit I dressed myself up quite a bit for this post, but it's my last outfit post with long hair!

Adventure is not always a cross-country road trip or an over night hike. I have recently come to find that some of the most memorable days are the ones that lead you where you least expect to go. I believe strongly that we make our experiences by either choosing to be disappointed, or choosing to take the adventure. The choice should be clear, but I often get stuck in my head and make myself go crazy when things don't go my way.

I need to take my own advice: take what the day throws at you with a sense of discovery and an open mind. Come Monday morning, you'll almost always have a good story to tell!

Crop Top: Free People, Pants: Tobi, Shoes: Forever21,
Necklaces: Ladies of Paradise, Bangles: Wanderlust Fashion

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Anonymous said...

Love it babe! You're such a great model:)